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Assetrix DAO Acquires Rights to Reserveum Labs

In early 2024, the project aimed at creating a non-inflationary collateralized currency, initially developed in 2021 and previously known as Reserveum, was acquired by a group of professional DeFi developers from Assetrix Labs. This acquisition marked a new phase in the project’s evolution, including the rebranding of the Reserveum (RSM) coin to Assetrix Coin (ASX). […]


Summer Digest

We tell you how much we managed to do over the summer! And also share our plans for the future.


New articles about our project

Our PR manager shared our plans for the future and our achievements with the Bitcourier public. Read the full interview on this page.


What Happened to Terra LUNA

The crypto community was astonished to see the fast and devastating crash of Terra and LUNA. Why did it happen? What can we do to prevent it? Read the new article by the our specialists to find out!


Reserveum Digest 02.2022-05.2022

Read more about our past news and achievements and plans for the future.


Welcome the Prizes!

Reserveum Group greets everyone who is sending us articles; now your reward will not only be fame, but also some useful prizes with the best prize – iPhone Pro 13!


Reserveum Digest 12.21 – 01.22

Read more about our past news and achievements and plans for the future.


Brilliant news: the first article received under Open Call!

We published the first article written by one of you, dear readers and supporters! Yay!


Press Release on

Our activity sparks interest in the crypto community! Here is the site that made a review about us – feel free to read it and find out more about us.