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Open Call to the Reserveum community

We are a non-commercial association of analysts and researchers who study the theory of money, its evolution, and its impact on the world economic system.

The project mission is to design a theory and then a mathematical model of fair money. Money that is not subject to inflation and is convenient for both savings and payments.

The result of our work would be the protocol that is to be published openly based on the MIT License/X11 license by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

By using this protocol our followers will be able to create perfect digital money for the sake of humankind and we will all take another step towards the progressive technological future.

Reserveum is open for collaboration! To develop our community, we are looking for enthusiasts and authors of economic articles that will serve as the foundation of our protocol of non-inflationary ideal money. Please send your works to the project’s e-mail:


  1. Topics – the theory of money, world economy, blockchain, DeFi;
  2. Content uniqueness > 90%;
  3. Symbols count – min 2000, max 8000;
  4. Illustrations – min 1, max 5;
  5. Document type – doc, pdf;

We guarantee feedback to everyone who sends their articles to us.

The best works will be published on our source and in social networks of our ever-growing community, as well as in partners’ sources. Under your consent, the work will be signed with your name, including a short interview with the author; you will also be granted the status of the full member of Reserveum community. Apart from that, once every 6 months we are planning to publish an almanac of Reserveum authors – a printed journal that will be distributed in blockchain and economic-related expos, as well as in online platforms.

The full members of our society have access to the project’s private events. Also, once every three months the authors of the project will take part in a contest for souvenirs from Reserveum and a super prize – iPhone 13.

Notice: The article is first published on Reseveum web site and then you are welcome to share it in any social network.


  1. Theory of economics
    1.1. Inflation and ways to tackle it
    1.2. Evolution of money
    1.3. Problems of creating and implementing digital money
  2. Money market regulation with a DeFi project
    2.1. Based on the quantity theory of money by John Locke
    2.2. Based on the Keynesian model
    2.3. Based on the Harrod–Domar model
    2.4. Based on the Neoclassical synthesis
  3. The legal framework governing cryptocurrencies and the terms of using them
    3.1. In the USA
    3.2. In Europe
    3.3. In China
    3.4. In different countries
  4. Mathematical modelling of economic processes
    4.1. Agent-based computational economics
    4.2. Analytical and imitational modelling

NOTE: This is an indicative list of topics. We are interested in unique articles and fresh ideas on any topics related to the theory of money, DeFi projects, blockchain technologies, analysis methods, and modeling complex economic systems.


To submit an article please send an e-mail to: