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Benefits for authors

The Reserveum Analytical Group values its authors that cooperate with us as a part of Open Call! We are grateful to everyone who sent us their works! The authors of articles that were included in our information hub will have guaranteed presents and can also take part in a competition for the main prize.

All of our authors receive merchandise presents with Reserveum symbols: a hat and a T-shirt, and also 100 Euro.

Once every three months, the author of the article best received by our readers will receive a super prize – 500 Euro! A winner article will be chosen judging from the number of comments on the Reserveum Facebook page; the article that receives more comments in three months will bring a super prize to its author!

We will use the same principle to find the winner of the year who will receive the main prize – the iPhone Pro 13!

We are happy to see more and more interesting writers and we believe that together, we will find an algorithm for a unique non-inflationary currency!

Send your works to our e-mail: and get your presents from the Reserveum community!

See the requirements to the articles and the conditions at the Open Call page.

This is how we define the most popular article:

The overall number of likes and comments is divided by the number of days the article has been published on our site.


An article can take part in the lottery of super prizes and the main prize only 1 month after it is published.

The minimum number of comments should be 10 comments from different users.

The minimum number of words in such a comment should be 10 words.