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Reserveum Digest 12.21 – 01.22

Defi project Resereum MAX is acquired by Assetrix Labs in 2024. In this regard, the project changed its domain address to ASSETRIX.ORG

As you know, the Reserveum analytical project was created back in June 2021. The aim of the project is to make a protocol that would allow creating decentralised non-custodial money not susceptible to inflation.

At the end of 2021, we made the project public and published a document that was called “Reserveum Open Call”.

According to this document, everyone can become a part of this protocol and make a contribution to the project development.

Earlier, in November 2021, we published two analytical articles:

Why Cheeseburger Always Gets More Expensive. There we tried to understand the main problems of creating non-inflationary currencies:

  • Inflationary Pressure
  • Lack of Elasticity of Money Supply during an Economy Slowdown
  • Centralized Issuer
  • Lack of Liquid Reserves

We discussed if it was possible to overcome these issues and create the first currency ever to be not susceptible to inflation.

Seigniorage: how to make billions on money emissions. In this article, we scrutinised the profit one can make from money emissions.

Is Seigniorage a good or a bad thing? What is a fair seigniorage? The answers to these and many other questions are hidden in this article.

But most of the articles from the Reserveum community were published in December 2021 – January 2022:

  1. The Anatomy of Stablecoins: Why is it easier to ride a bicycle was published.
    The main topic of this article is the trust crisis to the currencies tied to other fiat money units, also the reliability of stablecoins that are not backed by crypto and the opportunity of creating coins that are not supplied with anything.
  2. The next article was called The Gold Standard is Not Standard Anymore.
    There, we dwelled on the very idea of the Gold Standard: its history and connection to inflation, and we offered a solution on how to replace the outdated money backup format.
  3. Why Bitcoin is Never Going to Replace Dollar is the continuation of a series of articles on issues that creators of a non-inflationary currency can face. What should this cryptocurrency that can replace USD be like? Can Bitcoin become such an ideal currency?
  4. Tulip Mania and the Green Men is another article from the Reserveum analysts.
    There we review the reasons and the process of a financial bubble formation with one of the world market’s most memorable events from the XVII century. How to avoid it in the future? Is it even possible? All that and more you can find in our articles.
  5. In one of our most recent published articles called FED – the Structure of the World’s Biggest Central Bank, we take a good look at the most powerful central bank in the world. The goals and tasks, the functions and capabilities of FED, the regulation tools and problems, as well as other aspects of this powerful organisation, are thoroughly inspected in this work.
  6. As a part of the Reserveum Open Call, we published an article by our featured analyst Tafadzwa Stanford called Digital Concentration Camp, where he meditates on the inevitability of the world currencies’ crash and the reasons behind skyrocketing inflation of the previous

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