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Reserveum Digest 02.2022-05.2022

Defi project Resereum MAX is acquired by Assetrix Labs in 2024. In this regard, the project changed its domain address to ASSETRIX.ORG

We continue developing our unique project on making a non-inflationary currency of the future. Your interest in our project makes us sure that we’re on the right path and very soon, we’ll be able to make our plans and dreams come true.

Over the past three months since the first digest, we have published as many as 13 articles on different economy-related topics.

“Investment in Land” is our article dedicated to the opportunities and hardships of working with such an investment tool as land.

In “Can Economies Survive Without Money?” we studied the aspects of a hypothetical world with no money that we are used to.

“Neobanks are Changing the Modern Banking System” is an Open Call article by an independent expert Reinis Tumovs.

In “Energy Currency – Money Powered by Electricity” we were meditating on such a situation when electricity, an essential aspect of today’s world, becomes a new currency and replaces fiat money.

Due to the current political situation, we could avoid the subject of war and wrote: “How Do Wars Affect the Currency Market”.

The article “Hyperinflation: 5 stories”, as one can see from the title, contains all the most interesting cases of hyperinflation.

“Structural Inflation, or Why Do US Petrol Prices Get Higher” is devoted to the reasons behind the structural inflation based on one country and one product.

“What is Agio?” is sharing information on a fascinating economical feature, the difference between the nominal and real prices of currencies and stocks.

Metaverses are a popular trend nowadays, and soon, there will be their own currencies; we studied such currencies in “Perfect Currency for Metaverse”. We also were trying to figure out what that perfect currency would be like.

“Digital Dollar”, what is it going to be like? What can we use it for? Read all that and more in our review.

In “Money Supply”, we studied this important economic phenomenon.

“Inflation Export and Marshall Plan” is a historical research on an interesting event that changed the whole world and the economies of many countries.

In “What is SWIFT and Why Everyone Praises It So Much”, we investigated this bank feature and its huge popularity.

Soon after launching Open Call, we have developed a whole system of prizes and gifts for our dear authors.

Other media also got interested in our project and wrote about it. This is one of the most recent articles about us.

And of course, we have loads of posts on our social networks where you can keep track of our news.

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We would love to thank you for your interest and support; we’re waiting for your questions, suggestions, and, sure enough, your Open Call articles.


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