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Welcome the Prizes!

Defi project Resereum MAX is acquired by Assetrix Labs in 2024. In this regard, the project changed its domain address to ASSETRIX.ORG

Dear Reserveum Community!

We are happy to see your activity. Thanks a lot for your interest, your likes, your comments, your views and, last but not least, for your articles you send us!

But as you know, you can’t survive on thanks alone, so we came up with a little something to show you we do appreciate your effort.

Here’s the deal: if you send us an article and it becomes extremely popular, with lots of responses, likes on Facebook and other feedback, we will give you prizes! To see the whole list of prizes, including iPhone Pro 13, take a look at this page.

We are very glad to see all of you here. Remember, together, we can make the best money of the future!


Reserveum Team


and take part in developing a theory of fair money

    Access to RESERVEUM database

    Opportunity to publish your articles

    Merch lottery and other activities