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Digital Concentration Camp

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This article is written by Tafadzwa Stanford, an independent analyst as a part of the Reserveum Open Call. The article is the author’s personal opinion and is published under his consent.

The crash of the world’s currencies is inevitable.

The inflation in the world’s leading economies in 2021 bit all the records. So far, the investing world is still sticking to the illusion that inflation is a temporary decease. It’s true, prices for oil and other commodities will hardly ever double again, the lockdowns will finish one day, and the world’s economy will start to recover. Inflation in the world’s leading economies outdid its 30-years record, but this is not the main thing to be afraid of. The most frightening thing is that the world’s government and the “world’ major bank” – the US FED, – have absolutely no other solutions but issuing new dollars backed with nothing. The end is near. The crash of the US stock market, and then the whole dollar empire in 2022-2023 is inevitable.

If only… If only we don’t come up with something that can be good for replacing USD.

The propaganda scares the shit out of easily fooled people with second-class scenarios of the upcoming Third World War, while the war is already in its full swing. But now it is not the countries attacking one another, but those in power stamp on the people. The goal of this war is total enslavement, depersonalization and turning people into an obedient herd that just works and supports the world’s ruling elite.

Just a couple of years ago one could say that those conspiracy theories are just paranoid bullshit and fantasies of dystopia lovers. But two years into the pandemic, those sceptics seem to not have survived.

If we turn to what is happening around us and analyse it carefully, the picture starts to build itself as a puzzle. To understand what it started with and where it leads, we need to answer a simple question: who wins from it? And then it all comes together. All the possible options intersect at one point and we understand that all this trash is caused by the same freaking dollar system that strangles the world with its tentacles like a giant squid.

Two hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. We’re gonna have to earn it.

What is a dollar? This is a currency that is not backed by anything, that has been out of its own national economy for a long time, and it keeps spreading around the world because it is the main condition of its existence. If there is no one to sell dollars to, if all the countries refuse to use it, America goes bankrupt and their whole financial system blows up like a giant bubble. This is why they keep coming to underdeveloped countries and share their inflationary dollars camouflaging them as an investment.

Why do they do that?

Because the whole US economy is maintained not by healthy businesses, but with loans. Businesses take loans to prevent production from stopping and to give out salaries; people take loans to buy accommodation or a new car that they otherwise simply cannot afford. To give out loans to their clients, banks take loans from the FED. While the FED prints more and more new money for it. This process has been going on for more than 100 years, and so long exists the FED. There is more and more money, and the economy is not able to devour all of it, it is just impossible to make so many products and services.

So as long as the money stays in one country, inflation will peak high. This is why the US authorities came up with an idea to export their inflationary bucks to other countries. This is called INFLATION EXPORT. As a result, the countries that import inflation become poorer. And those are already not-so-well-off countries.

The best conditions for that are ideology revolutions, so, starting from the beginning of the XX century, a huge wave of revolutions swept through many countries of South America, Africa, then to the Middle East, then reached USSR and is still coming to one or another dysfunctional country.

Inflation export always goes according to the following scenario: the US troops overthrow a dictator, then comes democracy with a puppet president, and the country receives a lot of investments – those exact money that the USA wants to get rid of.

This scheme has been working for decades, but the problem is that nothing is eternal. Most of the countries inflated with dollars slip into an economic crisis, and all the dollars brought to the country cannot make the situation better – the economy does not get better, social mechanisms don’t work, the people get poorer.

What will we have in the future?

Of course, the seven gnomes of the FED understand that it cannot last long. The era of the dollar comes to its end, and something should be done to find new ways of ruling the herd and pumping out their resources.

A great idea is to release a super invasive biological weapon. The primary fears are a good management gear, and the fear of death is the leading one. As a result, in no time at all the world was completely paralysed with lockdowns, everyone was sitting in their little holes waiting for the vaccine to save them. This frightened herd is easy to manage – they will do what you tell them to do.

The next stage is implementing a control system. Now we already have QR codes, without a code a person is completely falling out of the system, unable to even buy food. Maybe it is not so obvi

ous so far, you can use another person’s QR code to go to a shop. But the screws are turned tighter, soon the codes will be connected to names, and soon come digital passports with a full database.

So now a digital concentration camp is not a fantasy, but a reality that is happening here and now.

What an average person can do?

Well, definitely not keep their savings in dollars or oversold NASDAQ stocks. Bitcoins? No, they are too risky. Gold? It’s inconvenient and outdated.

I personally believe that the real alternative to USD, a fair, secure, and non-inflationary alternative has not been created yet. But it will definitely arise from the ashes of the old financial world. But maybe we can save ourselves with what has so far been our curse – with digital technologies. It is hard to say what the fair currency of the future will look like and what it will be based on. Maybe on the blockchain, maybe on AI or quantum computers. Well, we’ll see it soon. There is no doubt about that.

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The article is written by an independent analyst Tafadzwa Stanford. Special for


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