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Economy Globalisation – Currency Globalisation

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Globalisation is an integration of economic processes and relationships between companies of different countries. This is not a new term, globalisation started with international trading between ancient city-states. But of course, it became a real thing after transport, industrial machines, and network development.

The Resrveum Group keeps working on an effective and fair currency; we want to show how insufficient the current money system is in terms of the global economy.

Before World War I, there were no restrictions in international trading that are so common today – no taxes or import duties that would protect the national economies, perfect conditions for growing globalisation. In the 1990s, most of the world’s countries had to start negotiations and ease the restrictions. This is when such world trading agreements as NAFTA, WTO, and EAEU started appearing. The goal of every such agreement was to lower the import taxes and increase the volumes of international deals.

The globalisation process continues; today, there are thousands, maybe millions of transnational corporations with production and distribution organised in different parts of the world. Entering the international market is the main goal for every serious company, no business can live and grow in different conditions.

This development roadmap makes globalisation inevitable: not only in the economy, but in culture, social life, and politics. One way or another, humankind tends to aim for reunions, so, sooner or later, we have to get to the next level.

It is hard to say if it ever leads to mondialism – one international government. We are not so good at politics, but our experience in economy and finances gives a solid ground to believe that there will one day be a globalised money system and one world currency.

Why Dollar Cannot Become That World Currency?

I bet this is the first thing you thought about. It is surprising why it is not considered a world currency yet: it is exchanged freely in almost all the world’s countries. But the old man has lived enough, and today we are witnessing the end of USD. It is too heavy, old, and sick – that’s a dead-end case. USD was buried by the FED’s greed, inflation, and tying it to weak dependant currencies… The consequences are irreversible. So far, they are managing to keep the face, but only because no one has yet offered an alternative currency, fair and effective. But it will happen, sooner or later.

We have already written about why the USA benefits from interfering with weaker countries’ economies in our article “Digital Concentration Camp”

Of course, the world economy cannot just change its money system in a moment, it would take decades. It will go on gradually, maybe with one or more industries, but it is a necessary measure.

What a Global Currency Should Be Like

When the economies of different countries unite in one system (which has partly happened already), we will need a system of settlements equally convenient and profitable for all the participants, in other words, to every company and consumer on Earth.

This system should stand up to the following requirements:

  • Independence and decentralisation;
  • Rate stability;
  • Money value stability and gradual rate growth;
  • Instant transactions to any country;
  • Minimum transaction fees;
  • Transparent and safe transactions;
  • Availability to every industry;
  • Convenience and safety in storage.

If any of these conditions are not met, a new currency would inherit all the problems of fiat money. If it is centralised, someone would definitely misuse their unlimited access to money, which would lead to higher money supply and inflation; a floating rate would make the currency dependent on unpredictable factors; limited transactions will make it inconvenient for international settlements, etc.

Of course, it may look like a utopia, but don’t make up your mind just yet. You can’t imagine what modern technologies are capable of. And they, trust my word, can fulfil all of the listed qualities in a real currency.

A perfect currency is not in the future, it is possible now.

And now we have come to the most interesting part: a perfect effective currency that can perform all the functions of a world currency is already being created while you are reading this. It is being developed by a group of analysts united under the Reserveum brand. This team is making a protocol of fair non-inflationary money that would be totally independent and available to everyone.

The magic is that today, digital technologies are so developed that they can totally take people out of the equation and limit them to technical maintenance of the code and equipment. A smart contract – a special algorithm, – can manage the system and set the parameters in the ever-changing conditions.

If we apply these technologies to make a digital currency, it will be decentralised, transparent for all the participants, self-regulating, deflationary (in other words, it will grow in price over time), and the most important thing is that the currency will have a symbiotic relationship with the economy: it will follow up on the production, supply, and demand volumes, and naturally set fair prices on goods and services; see the needs of the system participants and estimate their input into the economy to set their best income level. In a nutshell, this algorithm can manage everything that the whole world economy is failing at right now.

It will not be easy to integrate this money system into the real economy… Or so it seems? Today, the digital economy is so developed that it is already considered a full industry, and it will be the first one to switch to Reserveum. And since all the industries are interconnected, all the remaining industries, even the most conservative ones, will come to it painlessly.

If you are as inspired by this project as our team and if you have any ideas of your own about creating an effective digital currency, you’re welcome to join us!

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