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Trading Paradoxes

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In the XXI century, the economy has gone through numerous changes and started developing following new principles unknown before. For instance, in the XX century, the industry was at the top of the food chain, but now it is replaced by technologies; the capital was redistributed, the economic leadership tilted towards Asia, and the fast-developing regions started making their own rules.

Here in Reserveum, we keep a close eye on the fast-changing economy and keep seeing signs of how the current money system is getting outdated. We are working to create a currency of the future that would come up with all the peculiarities of the modern economy and are telling you about its advantages in this cycle of articles.

It is no doubt that one of the most important trends of the XXI century is the shift of priorities in international relationships – from mutually beneficial trading to social and political influence.

The previous trend was formed after WWII when many countries needed an economic boost and restoration. Countries were eager to partner up economically, they cancelled trading sanctions, and export and import were inevitable parts of international relationships.

We have several nice articles on that period. For instance, you might enjoy the article called Currency Areas.

In recent years, we have seen many politicians building trading blockades instead of globalisation and integration. The volumes of domestic and international trading are so big that, when diplomacy fails, stronger countries use their economic partners’ dependence as a pressure instrument.

Today, not only the politics rivals business, but the society as well. Democratic values in many developed countries are so praised that trading restrictions are used even when they damage the national economy. This is a real trading paradox, a new trend in the world economy.

The most up-to-date example is the situation in Ukraine and the reaction of the world community and business. To show their protest, thousands of companies fled the Russian market, and few of them can expect the support of their government. This is to demonstrate their social awareness which is highly valued today; it works to strengthen the brand image, which is as important of a resource as commercial benefits.

The democratic society is slowly introducing its rules into politics and now business. Next, it is only logical to expect this influence to spread to other parts of our lives too. Experts believe that in the next years, these changes will have a strong effect on the money system. This industry has a huge practical meaning, but its form is long since outdated and does not come up to the modern-day requirements.

A centralised money system is managed and controlled by a government: it means that interested parties will always have access to a national currency. It results in such problems as uncontrolled money emission and blowing up the money supply not backed by anything, which inevitably leads to inflation. It is a deadly disease for an economy as long as the printing machine works for the money system masters.

We have written numerous articles on it and won’t repeat ourselves. If you want to find out more about how the authorities profit from money emission, read our article called FED – the Structure of the World’s Biggest Central Bank.

This state of affairs can’t stay the same forever. Society is constantly developing, it becomes more educated and democratic; it cannot be contained with the old methods. With the constantly rising inflation and financial crises following one another, it is getting more and more obvious that we need a clear and transparent decentralised money system.

A group of enthusiasts at Reserveum decided to develop a fair currency that could become an alternative to the current money system and with time, fully replace it. We are working on a protocol of “smart money”, an independent and self-regulating currency that would not only perform its financial functions but would also partly regulate the economy.

The Reserveum stablecoin is going to be fully protected from inflation and, according to its algorithm, gradually grow in price. It will be governed by a smart contract that can only be changed after the majority of tokenholders vote for it. So, the users will be not just consumers but active participants in the economy.

The Reserveum stablecoin is still under development so you have a chance to become a part of this important work. We highly value fresh ideas on creating a protocol of a fair currency, so if you have anything to share, please join our project!

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